Loyola Institutions


Companions of Jesus united with people of good will in building a vibrant, enlightened, just, value-based and dignified human community.


Rooted in faith, working towards the liberation of the marginalised communities, (Dalits, Tribals,Children, Youth,Devadasis, Women and migrants) through Conscientization, education and empowerment.

Pannur Manvi Loyola Institutions

Leadership Team

Fr Leo Pereira S.J

SUPERIOR, Pannur Manvi Institutions, Director of Loyola Hostels. Mobile:9448505857. Email: [email protected]

Fr Maxim Rasquinha. SJ

Admonitor, Teacher. Email:[email protected], Mobile:8762649915

Fr Anil D'Souza SJ

Director of CNF & CE, Correspondent-Loyola Kapepaladi School & Arrupe Hostel Jagir Pannur. Email:[email protected] Mobile:9448527684

Fr Dr Melwyn D'Cunha SJ

Principal, Loyola Degree college, Manvi. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 9449664651

Fr John Crasta SJ

Director, Xavier CBSE School, Manvi. Mobile: 9449583488. Email:[email protected]

Fr John Thomas SJ

Principal- Loyola PU College, Director- Loyola School, Manvi:8660755494. Email:[email protected]

Fr Wilson Moras SJ

Finance Officer, Lecturer, Loyola Institutions, Pannur Manvi. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 9901837120

Br Nishanth Noronha SJ

Asst Correspondent of LKS, Asst Director of Arrupe Hostels. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 8007535162

Br Joseph Jerald SJ

Asst Director Loyola College Hostel, Teacher Loyola College. Email: [email protected] . Mobile: 7892116191

Sr Reena Pavitra SJT

Headmistress- Loyola Kapepaladi School. Email: [email protected], Mobile: 8754356046

Sr Leena Pais SJT

Administrator- Loyola Health Centre, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 8748071040

Sr Navya

Incharge, Loyola Girls Hostel

Sr Prescilla Prema

Asst Incharge- Loyola Girls Hostel, Teacher- Loyola & Xavier School

Ms Anamma

Headmistress-Loyola School, Phone:8197999867

“May the heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all ”