Loyola Hostels


CCTV SURVEILLANCE: The hostel is fully equipped with cctv surveillance. Hence the children are safely guarded and protected. 








WELL EQUIPPED KITCHEN: The kitchen is kept clean and neat. It is well equipped. It has a huge steamer, huge pan cake making pans etc. Trained cooks are employed so that best food is given to our children. Students are provided with quality and best food.






RO DRINKING WATER: As the water is very hard in this part of the region, we have provided our children with pure drinking water. Each hostel is given a seperate drinking water facility. The water filters are regulary serviced and maintained.






PLAY GROUND: Loyola hostel is well endowed with basketball courts for boys and volleyball court and throw  ball courts for both boys and girls. There are three Kabaddi courts. Games is an important dimension well stressed in the Loyola Hostels. 





INVERTORS: There  has been regular power cuts in the Hostels. Therefore invertors have been installed so that the study part of the students is not disturbed.






NURSING AID: We have a qualified nurse in the hostel to immediately cater to the medical aid. On regular basis we take the sick to the nearby private hospital and help them maintain good health.






STUDY HALLS: Each class has got a separate study hall. It is furnished with desks,t ables and blackboards.In each class the residential subject teachers are appointed to monitor the study and to help the weak






COUNSELLING FACILITY: Since the number of students are more in the Loyola Hostel, the institution has employed qualified and well versed counsellors.Whenever we find some students having issues such as academic, emotional or social are helped by the counsellors. The presence of two sisters, fathers and brothers provides a healthy ambience for the students to share their personal problems.





 PRAYER ROOM: Since our children are from different religious background, they are provided with a space for personal prayers. Every now and then Interreligious prayer services are conducted to bring the oneness among the Hostel students.





DORMITORY: Each dormitory is well furnished with doubledecker cots for the children. Silence is stressed in the dormitories. The windows are well guarded with a mesh.







GARDEN: The hostels are well surrounded by beautiful gardens to create an ecological senses among the children. Each class is alloted seperate plot wherein thye take care of the respective plants and cultivate vegetables. There are even flower pots which are taken care.






TELEVISION:  Each hostel is provided with TV for the entertainment and creative learning. Every week the students are shwon English value basedmovies to improve their communication skills in english. The children watch news everyday.