Loyola Hostels

1 HONALU: Honalu, the Loyola boys home is meant for the high school boys. We have around 130 students residing in this hostel. There are two wardens who monitor and accompany the Boys in their studies and various other aspects of their lives. The Hostel gives importance to the overall growth of the students.
2 HONGIRANA: As the name suggests the Hongirana Boys home is a ray of hope to the primary and higher primary students studying in our school. The youngest kids and the elder ones share a good rapport and they are cosntantly guided by the two wardens and a helper who take the place of their parents. There are 135 boys residing in the hostel.
3 HONGANASU: Arround 96 PUC and Degree students are accomadated in Honganasu Hostel. The hostel provides peaceful study atmosphere for the students to excel. The warden of the hostel who himself is an MBA graduate takes keen interest in helping the students in their academics.