Loyola Kapepaladi School




Loyola Kapepaladi School was founded in 2004 and is managed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, popularly known as the Jesuits.The Society of Jesus is a Catholic Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 in Rome and has been active in the field of education throughout the world since its origin. Loyola School is named after St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. The Society of Jesus is at present responsible for more than 150 Schools and Colleges in India, where 2,15,000 young People belonging to every social status, community and linguistic group are being educated.

Loyola Kapepaladi School Jagir Pannur is a Religious Minority Institution administered by members of Catholic Christian Community. Though primarily intended to impart Education to Catholic Children, the School is open to all without distinction of caste, creed, colour or language.

Loyola Kapepaladi School comes under the management of the Center for Non-Formal and Continuing Education Manvi, Raichur District and its head office being located at Ashirvad, Bangalore, Karnataka. The president of the governing body is Rev. Fr. Provincial of Karnataka Jesuit Province.



  • Although the Jesuits landed in Pannur in 2002 they did not begin the educational institution in Pannur till 2012. Knowing the need for education they thought elaborately and decided to start the English education. Knowing the background of the people where they used only Kannada or any other local dialect, to start an English medium school needed a lot of courage and planing.
  • In the entire area the educational level was almost nil. The government school was running the primary section class where a cow used to sit regularly. The Dalit children used to be given a corner place and the higher caste children used to be given the front row. By convincing the local parents the Jesuits started an English medium school on a low key with 15 children and a teacher. A lot of publicity was given through loud speaker and visiting the families and convincing the parents that if they have a child with a little English he /she would get lot of opportunities within and outside Karnataka. These children were given good uniform. Seeing the smart dress of these children a few more joined the school and slowly more students joined the school. They were taken in the van up and down. This being only English medium school in the surroundings it had an attraction A regular bus was kept plying bringing children form different villages and taking them back home. Looking at these smart children the other children found is attractive and inviting the parents started responding to the call. This school was being run by sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes under the management of the Jesuits. Sr Ida was the first headmistress of the school. Fr Eric Mathias the Manager gave her full support guidance and freedom. Starting form class one by the time they reached class five the number had gone more than 250. At present with 8th standard the number is around 400 with Fr Don Prem Lobo as Director, Sr.Philomena the headmistress and about 22 teaching and nonteaching staff.
  • The children are given very good foundation in English and they are expected to speak in English in the campus. Several of them can give a speech or act out plays in English effectively. The school has made a name in Manvi taluk, both in academics, culture and sports activities. It’s a great sight to see these children speaking English confidently. One of the main intentions the Jesuits have in giving English education for the children is to prepare them to compete with other schools of English medium and prepare them for state and national exams like KAS, IPS and IAS so that they can get very good jobs at the state and national levels in the government.
  • One of the most important items with the Jesuits had to foresee at the start was the purchase of was a piece of ground and a good school building. Towards this they managed to get a generous benefactor in Mrs Dinah Findlay from England. She was very much interested with the programme and wanted to sponsor the whole programme. With the help of many friends form her side she collected the necessary financial help and helped the Jesuits to get the land and build a decent school building with a capacity of 400 students. Because of her personal interest along with her family in this great project the school has been named after the family taking letter of the names of each members of the Findlay family, namely KAPEPALADI school.
  • Though it looks an ambitious programme there is a great possibility that these children will take up the challenge and get into responsible offices and jobs in the government at the state and national level. There is a great attraction for this school today. These children after finishing seventh standard will be absorbed in Xavier or Loyola school Manvi, or any other standard English medium school.