Support Us


KARNATAKA JESUIT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (KJES): Its our parent organisation from where we draw our spiritual inspiration and we are totally supported by them in our venture to support the marginalized and the downtrodden through quality education. If Pannur and Manvi have the luxurious buildings and other facilities, it is due to KJES. All the infrastructure, developments that are been put up are throughthe generous contribution of KJES. 



THE WAY HOME: Lenka Rabarova came in the year 2008 as volunteer to Manvi and she took the initiative to support our children through individual students sponsorship program. From then on she and her group has helped thousands of chidlren in our venture to get good quality education. She still continues to support over 300 children from Manvi and Pannur.




Mrs DINAH FINDLAY/ SUPPORTING DALIT CHIDLREN: Mrs Dinah Findlay came as volunteer in the year 2010 and decided to collaborate with us in our mission. She too with her group took up the individual sponsorship program in Manvi and Pannur. She and her organisation has helped us in putting up the Loyola Kapepaladi School and they are supporting the running cost of the School as well as Arrupe Chidlren's home.



Mr EDGAR D'SOUZA: He is an NRI from Canada who has a generous heart towards the poor. He mainly supports our self help groups for self-employment. He has donated generously for the revolving fund of Janashakthi Trust. He has also created a corpus fund for Higher education for the deserving children of Manvi and Pannur. He has contributed towards setting up RO Water plants in the villages. He has helped us to put up the dinning hall for the boys Hostel in Manvi. 



HEATH MOUNT SCHOOL, LONDON: The management of Heath Mount along with the students helped us for the construction of Loyola Kapepaladi School, Jagir Pannur. They visit us along with their children every year in the month of January. They have donated us a school bus for Loyola school Manvi. 



FAIVELEY A WABTECH COMPANY: They came up with a CSSR project for our Manvi campus. Initially they supported us to put up and run the tailoring centre for 20 girls. Then, they started funding individual students for quality education. This year they have supported 90 children in this venture. 





ROSEMARY: She is a retired Teacher from London who has taken individual initiative to support us in many ventures. She has helped two self help groups for Self-employment by donating two solar Rotti making machines to them. She also has helped the PUC and Degree students financially. She visits us every year and takes classes in the school, Hostel, Tailoring centre and in the College.



Mrs Dr. ELIZABETH MULLER: She is hailing from Germany who is our great supporter. She has helped us to put up a community centre in Yeddaladoddi, where we have a kindergarten centre by name Lolita Anna Maria Pre-primary centre. We have 40 children who get a nutritious meal and quality education supported by her. 





Mr EDMOND PINTO, MUMBAI: He visited Manvi and realised the acute poverty that the people of Pannur-Manvi are facing.  So he on his own initiative started  finding out sponsors for our children. He along with his daughter Mrs Elma Pinto are supporting ten students from our mission for the education.