It is an innovative venture of the Karnataka Province. It began as the province started charging a small amount of tax for KJES land that the institutions were occupying. From this rose the idea of the city institutions taking care of the rural institutions. This later came to be termed as twinning initiative between city and rural institutions. What initially began as financial assistance later developed into a wholistic approach. Now, the twinning between the institutions takes place in following ways:

  1. Staff training and staff exchange program.
  2. Organising the state level and national level seminars
  3. Taking up issues of the people and farmers and conducting survey and research studies.
  4. Exposure program for the Bangalore college students in Manvi and Manvi students in Bangalore.
  5. Conducting CET/NEET coaching classes.
  6. Financial support and appointment of a full time counsellor in Manvi.
  7. Exposure for PTA and Alumni to the realities of North Karnataka.